Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Joplin Team Helps Church

Each month COS sends a mission team to Joplin to help residents of that city rebuild after the EF 5 tornado that tore through the center of town in 2011.  It has been a little over a year but the need is still great.  Each month our team stays in area churches and the last few months we've stayed at Christ's Community Church.  This church will now be our "home away from home" through next year as we continue to send volunteers.  Because Christ's Community Church has put its own building needs on hold to offer resources to help the victims of the tornado rebuild their lives, COS will be helping CCC  in the next several months.  The October team is helping to paint the inside of the church and these pictures reflect their loving work.  CCC always provided cold drinks, snacks, hot showers, a few pot luck dinners, and a place to stay as COS mission teams worked in Joplin and now it is time for us to say thank you in the form of hands on ministry!

The November mission team lead by Robin Shepard is already making plans, so sign up at the Starting Points desk for Nov. 15-18 or for the December 6-9 mission to be a part of this hope offering ministry!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Joplin Mission Team/August

The team arrived in Joplin around 10:30 PM Thursday, August 22 at Christ's Community Church.  This photo was taken this morning (Friday, August 23, 2012) as the team got ready for a day full of bringing hope to several individuals.  They were given 3 locations where to work doing everything from painting to putting up cabinets, wall trim, hanging doors and windows, and installing a washer and dryer.  What a great crew and what a great gift to the people in Joplin to let them know God's love. Think about signing up for a mission team to Joplin to really understand that it is not about the tasks the team accomplishes; it is about being a witness to God's love through personal action.  Have you been some one's sign of hope today?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Church of the Shepherd Staff Works at Habitat for Humanity House

On Wednesday, July 31st several of the staff and members of COS braved the 100+ degree temperatures to help with the Habitat for Humanity build in St. Charles.   The home owner was there as the dry wall was put up and general clean up of the site and a nearby site was done before the temperatures went well over 100.  Lunch was provided by Cornerstone United Methodist which was greatly appreciated by the COS staff.  Jan Foulk showed up and did her beautiful miracles with watercolors, capturing Pastor Robyn and others in action.  Pastor Robyn is deadly with a power drill as is Robin Long!  It was a day full of finding and offering HOPE!  Has God called you to act out your faith?  There are all kinds of opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ in this world.  Contact Missions Director, Donna Weaver, at to find out the various ways you can live your faith.  You will find HOPE as you offer HOPE!  

Brandon Salter checks the measurements---measure twice; cut once, right?

Robin Long puts up drywall like a pro!

 Pastor Robyn Miller checks to see if the fit is tight for the drywall before drilling in the screws.

Robin Long spent a long time dry walling a closet!  Sarah Meggers supervises.

Carla Lowther cleans up debris outside while Donna Weaver sweeps the area clean inside.

Dennis Corley had lots of fun working with the staff.

Brandon Salter trimming to make it fit!

Charlie Sapp wants to know where this sheet of dry wall goes.
What is Pastor Robyn doing in the background?  

Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Pictures of the COS Youth having fun at the pool, ice cream parlor, and talent night the last night of the mission in contrast with the hard work each day in the Joplin mission field, bringing hope .  They shared last night where they saw God this week on the mission.  The weekend Joplin Mission teams start back up in August.  There is still much God is asking us to do to help.  Join a weekend mission to Joplin!

Cooling off at Cunningham Park

Talent Show
St  John's Regional Medical Center 
Getting ready to worship

Where Did you see God this week?

So Much Yet To Do!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

COS Youth in Joplin

The youth cooled off Tuesday in the pool at the park where they were earlier watering trees.  Worship is a big part of any mission trip and the picture to the right shows them waiting for youth from other churches also on a mission trip in Joplin to join them for worship.  Brandon is doing a great job of keeping everyone in his eye sight, even at the local ice cream shop! (See below left)

It looks like they are scrapping paint and painting in other pictures.  Many people lost their homes in the tornado but most were uninsured.  The money they received from the insurance company in many cases wouldn't begin to pay for the rebuild of a new home, so many people purchased older homes in Joplin that were not hit by the storm so they could have a place to stay and then began renovating these homes while living in them.  Mission teams are used to help these folks with the renovations since homeowners can't afford the cost of labor to make their older homes livable.  Volunteers are all over Joplin and there is still so much work that needs to be done!

We are so proud these young people!  They are truly sharing the love of Christ through their unselfish actions and bringing hope to others.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

161 Trees in Cunningham Park in Memory of 161 Lives Lost and Christmas Cards for Lost Souls

Pictures of COS youth praying over each tree that represents a life lost in the tornado and carrying buckets of water to the trees during this Missouri drought.  The trees are located in Cunningham Park across from St. John's Regional Medical Center which was totally destroyed in the storm.  It still stands as a gruesome reminder of that terrible afternoon.  The park in contrast has a new playground, water park, and picnic area with the memorial trees planted throughout.  While some youth watered and prayed over the trees, other sorted Christmas cards for prison inmates, praying for these lost souls.

Lots and lots of cards!

Lots of long trips to the watering hole and back to each tree!

The shell of St. John's Regional Medical Center with the HOPE trees in the foreground.

Monday, July 16, 2012

COS Youth in Joplin

 While 20 youth worked to give each tree 10 gallons of water, the remaining youth went to sort cards for the prison ministry.

 This what 125,000 Christmas cards look like.

Time for a short break!

Life is like a box of Christmas cards - you never know what you are going to get. 

56,425 Christmas cards sorted, bundled into packs of 25 and boxed.  Good Job!!